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Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx, as their names imply, have the look of genuine marble, granite or onyx. Cultured marble, granite and onyx products are usually manufactured with a high-gloss coating, called a "gel coat", applied during the manufacturing process, which becomes an integral part of the cultured marble, granite or onyx product.

Colorants may be added to the polymer/filler matrix in a manner which provides a "veining" which mimics the appearance of natural products. The polymer casting process yields a rock hard, durable product which takes on the look and feel of the natural product.

Cultured marble, granite and onyx products easily meet nationally-recognized standards to resist water, heat, stains, burns, chemicals and everyday wear and tear.

To learn more about cultured marble products, please visit the International Cast Polymer Alliance website.